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Jaclyn Réhe

Iggy , baby
Iggy, baby
I like the sound of you
strutt strutting in those tight pants
in those tight pants
I like the sound of you strutt strutting on that big stage
on that big stage @themurdercitydevils
(Mohawk, House of Vans 2013)

Drawing some cute things. I’ll have some up for sell soon.

I found a convenient store with a variety of real Mexican sodas. Holla. ✌️


Irma (short film)

Irma Gonzalez is an old ‘luchadora’ (female wrestler) who bears the marks of a life spent battling in the ring, performing daredevil moves. Every day she goes to the gym to rehearse the moves that made her a star. Children watch her curiously. Somewhere in the distance, a song plays: Irma was once a singer, too. In her memory, grainy images of old television clips flicker. Shot in Mexico City, the film is a tender portrait of the multi-talented luchadora and an unusual meditation on athleticism and aging.

Interview with director of Irma, Charles Fairbanks.

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mostly nature

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ten minute falafel cakes with creamy lemon tahini dressing / recipe

I find a purposeless universe to be far more inspiring and far less bleak, because it means that the meaning in our lives is the meaning we create. It is not imposed on us by some other entity…The meaning in my life is the meaning I make, and the quality of my life is the quality of my actions.
Seeing myself as an insignificant being in a purposeless universe inspires me to say: I am here for this little bit of time, I should make the most of my existence and make meaning in my life by the meaning of my actions. I find it far more humble to believe that than to assume that the universe was made for me.
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Be with someone who takes the time to kiss you. Someone who stops what they’re doing to show you they appreciate and love you. Sometimes life gets a little hectic and it’s important to have someone who truly cares about you, someone to make you feel safe when things get rough. 

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